standard-title Tent field

Tent field

A fantastic place, The tent field

(the report of an enthusiastic camper)

On a very large plateau with all the space around us, in fact we were the only, this was, the amazing place! Sometimes, other camping guests, who looked surprised that we were so alone. On the edge of the Meadow, there are many trees that a fine shade offered in this hot summer, and between the trees we hade a nice view. For us the ideal place to relax. Furthermore there was on the camping in comfort what bathroom fixtures and ….. also very important: an enthusiastic couple wich will tell you everything about tourist information.

We have twice participated in a groepsbarbeque, nice and cozy to with your fellow campers as to have contact. You could also easily, but good food eat in the restaurant, there was ice for sale and our cooling elements were exchanged there. You could order fresh bread rolls, in short, for rest … and space, so for the real tent camper.

A amazing holiday